Our employees tell us that we offer the most competitive benefits in the industry for a company of our size. Highlands has earned the loyalty and commitment of our employees due to a company culture that respects our workers above all. Not only do we offer superior benefits but we encourage a healthy professional work/personal life balance for our employees. Needless to say, we have the lowest attrition rate in the industry and we mean to keep it that way!

Performance Bonus

We encourage our employees to achieve their full potential by providing them with bonuses based on monthly performance. Employees always have the potential to earn more than the base paycheck amount.


Every employee is eligible for health insurance upon completion of his or her probationary period. This is especially useful for those employees who do not necessarily budget for life’s unexpected events.

Loyalty Bonus

To encourage employee loyalty to Highlands, employees are recognized for their dedication and service to the company.

Interest Free Loans

We believe that a “friend in need is a friend indeed”. We offer interest free loans for unexpected life challenges.

Mentor-Buddy System

We “buddy” up new employees with an experienced software professional veteran to help employees become familiar with our culture, our processes and to help with future growth and professional development.

Employee Assistance

We make your life easier by assisting you with legal issues, taxes, travel, banking, and other activities, which helps you worry less and focus more on client commitments.

Flexible Hours

Highlands provides an option for flexible hours, based on individual needs.

Work from Home

We provide the option and flexibility to work from the comfort of your home.

Appreciation Day Off

This incentive is provided for any initiative or work achievement which management considers outstanding and worth rewarding.

Infrastructure Allowance

For those who want to be connected outside the office, we offer mobile and internet access in addition to laptops and mobile devices.

Educational Training

Highlands has local industry experts and in-house gurus to help you update your skills.

Certification Awards

If you are working towards getting professional certifications, Highlands will reimburse you for fees and will provide additional rewards and recognition for your effort.

Friday Casual Day

On Fridays you can dress in a way that makes you feel happy, comfortable and good about yourself.

Newly Married Allowance

Highlands sponsors a date between you and your spouse to celebrate this happy occasion.

Annual Paid Vacation Days

We offer paid vacation days to our employees for time off with their family and friends.

Flexible Spending Plans

We offer flexible spending programs to our employees.

Sick Leaves

We understand work can be stressful and we give you time to recover from unexpected health issues.

New Employee Referral Bonus

We want to hire the best in the industry. We offer generous referral bonuses for employees who help us identify and hire distinguished talent.

Quarterly Company Events

We organize quarterly “All-Hands” fun events in-house and at other locations to ensure we can kick back and enjoy the team’s achievements.

Work Environment and Culture Groups

We have special interest groups at Highlands to encourage an improved work environment and culture. You can take on a larger role in these groups and lead discussions or meetings if you so desire.