Employee Empowerment

At Highlands, our people are encouraged to take the initiative at the earliest stages of their employment.

We give employees the opportunity to take on leadership roles, define organizational needs, make decisions, take risks, but at the same time be held responsible for their actions.

We encourage people to ask themselves one question before moving ahead: “what value does this (decision, idea) bring to the table?” The answer to this question helps to define true benefits/risks and helps each employee consider thoughtfully the potential outcome of a particular decision and solution.

This exercise also prepares our people to respond to difficult questions a client or our internal management may ask relating to what value a particular software product solution may bring to a client’s business. This approach helps an individual gain confidence in making critical decisions, prepares him or her as a leader, and improves overall competence and skill on the job.

Highlands’s philosophy has led to higher employee satisfaction and retention. It has created an empowered work culture where our people can be entrepreneurial and independent thinkers, self-starters, and confident in their decisions. We regularly reward our people, thank them for their efforts and recognize their individual achievements.