Dedicated Development Center | Highlands

Outsourcing your project to a dedicated team of highly skilled professionals is an excellent opportunity to take your company’s operations to the next level. The points appearing below underline additional advantages:

  • A dedicated team is engaged exclusively on your project. They cannot be assigned to any other tasks.
  • Opportunity to adjust the team’s business hours to your time zone.
  • Easy communication via chat, video conferencing, and conference calls keep you continuously “in the loop” during the project.
  • Change requests are much easier to make. You can change priorities, specifications, and other project details any time and with no problem.
  • Customized project status reports, covering all project components, tasks, workload, idle time, and progress are provided.
  • Immediate access to high-end software development technology resources and advanced methodology.

Depending on your needs, we can offer two different types of offshore dedicated teams.

Offshore Dedicated Team

Recruiting, training, and maintaining your current in-house software development team can make your software development project a real financial puzzle, not to mention the time and effort that you could better apply to the improvement of your core business activities. With an offshore dedicated team, you will directly manage and monitor the individual developers. We assist you in hand selecting a team of qualified technical specialists, programmers, software architects, QA engineers, and business analysts that are dedicated to your project fully to accomplish your project employing the latest and cutting-edge IT technologies.

Offshore Dedicated Team with Manager

Whether you are planning to keep your involvement to a minimum or, quite the opposite, you need to have total control over every stage of your project, you can hire an experienced software development manager to supervise your development team on-site. This dedicated manager will run your team, be your point of contact person, and update you on the project’s progress with daily work reports.