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Grit for the Ages

Several years ago, psychologist Angela Duckworth triggered national interest when she shared research findings on grit in a well-viewed TED talk. With the use of pointed survey questions that gauged a test subject’s likelihood of giving up in the face of distractions or other obstacles, Duckworth and her team tried to predict who in West […]

What makes a Technology Firm Work?

We can’t escape the obvious fact that technology plays an increasingly dominant role in our everyday lives. Many of the world’s biggest economies are fueled by high tech innovation. Venture capital and public funds are quick to chase the next big breakthrough in science or engineering. With this culture, it’s easy to fall into the […]

Top 7 Benefits of Learning Management Systems for Organizations

A Learning Management System or LMS is a software application that functions as an online virtual classroom and facilitates the documentation, administration, reporting and delivery of e-courses or online courses. eLearning has become integral to professional development, and as employees are quickly becoming tech-savvy, more companies are giving up on traditional models of learning in favor of […]

5 Ways Virtual Reality Will Empower Businesses in 2019

For a long time, virtual reality (VR) seemed to be a distant reality—something to look forward to in the coming years. However, now VR is a reality that businesses have access to today. The increasing affordability of VR headsets has contributed to making VR a strong and growing market. This in turn has stimulated a […]

Top Seven Software Testing Tools of 2019

According to the World Quality Report 2018-2019 – a study on the current state of QA and testing conducted by Sogeti, a part of Capgemini – there is a major shift underway in the practices of quality assurance and software testing. The report confirms that end-user satisfaction is now one of the many responsibilities of quality […]

10 Android App Development Tips for 2019

Let’s summarize first—you have an idea, you have sketched it out on paper, and you have created a wireframe prototype. You may feel like most of the job is done, but in reality the work has just begun! Whether you are building your first, second or 50th Android app, a few important things should be […]

Top 10 Benefits of Cloud Computing

A recent Gartner survey reported that cloud computing will become a $300 billion business by 2021. In the simplest terms, cloud computing is computing over the internet. Up until recently, users would run applications or programs downloaded on a physical computer or server at the workplace; cloud computing allows access to the same kinds of […]

AngularJS vs. React: Our Verdict

The web is full of articles debating which is better – AngularJS or React (also known as React.js or ReactJS). Both frameworks are very good, but choosing a framework is not always easy, especially when you have so many experts voicing disparate views. This article explains the shared concepts and differences between AngularJS and React, […]

Top 10 Software Development Technologies to Learn in 2019

Software development is a dynamic domain, where programming languages, frameworks and technologies may live or die within a short time period. Job market needs are also changing, but the demand for developers remains high. Recently, Pluralsight reported the most popular software development technologies of the past, along with those that are likely to grow in […]